Why? School assignment 
Year: 2022
Brief: Rebranding of any event, preferably music festival, which you don't like

Sanremo Music Festival is a television song contest which takes place in Sanremo, Liguria, Italy and is organized by RAI. Now, on it's 72nd edition, I decided to rebrand the festival and create a whole new concept for my school task. 

In my redesign, Sanremo becomes a fesival of electronic music. Thats why I used white text on black background with three secondary colours, which are very flashy. 

The logo uses BD Faxer typeface, which was ideal for my vision. The typeface has unique, sharp edges, which remind of electricity and energy. From distance, the logo looks like its blured, which is like the blinding spot lights on the festival.
The typeface can be also used for short headers and disclaimers

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