Happy Creatives© is a multidisciplinary graphic design studio based in Prague, with a shallow reach to typeface design and offering creative assets (or just one guy in front of his computer making stuff).
My name is Kristián Toman and I am the guy in front of the computer. I finally finished my exhausting learning of Glyphs and finally started to design a typeface I had in mind for some time. 

Acta Inktrap was my first legit working typeface, properly designed, spaced and kerned and overall finalised. I wanted to share it and maybe with that start something, that I wanted to do for some time now. With Happy Creatives being just my username on my IG account, I found it convinient to just create a brand out of it. Creative assets, type foundry, studio, design club? Why not. Anyway, I hope I will be able to deliver more typefaces in the future, maybe start a creative asset store and maybeee take some people on my ship on the way (for collaborations please contact me🙏). Did you like my work? Consider buying me a coffee!


OH! Have you found a flaw in my typeface? Or maybe you just have a suggestion or you wanna leave a feedback. Don't hesitate to write me an email! (epic contact form possibly comming soon?)

Happy Creatives|Type Foundry
Happy Creatives|Type Foundry