Dotkni se přírody (Touch the nature) is a small independent project, organising summer camps and retreats for kids and adults. It aims to raise awareness to the lack of daily movement and connection with the nature amongst generations in the modern world. To solve that, the team organises trips to the nature with multi level program, starting from the basic survival skills and nature knowledge to meditation and sports. 

My job was to create a visual style for the project.

The goal was to combine its spiritual side with the more “survival in the nature” style.

Old versions of the logos

This version is obviously too spiritual, there is no symbol of the nature (Lugar Samay is the old name of the project) 

This badge style logo didn't match the final visual style of the project, we didn't want to use a raster illustration as a logo (I am not the author of the artwork)

The result

This simple vector illustration solved the problem. It wraps the most important symbols of nature in a “door” shape, which symbolises an open opportunity for everyone. It is a door to the nature.   

As for the visual look of the web page and other assets, I chose as a main color “pine green” combined with white. That gave it a clean, professional and natural look. The web itself is clean and organized, so it tells the project's story as clearly as possible. 

Check it out yourself at www.dotkniseprirody.cz !
Thank you!