Elegance, confidence, trust. Thats what Czech Tourist Guide is about.

Czech Tourist Guide is a small tour guide company, based in Czech republic. The guides are focusing on providing different type of experience, by taking their customers on an alternative sightseeing, heading through different streets than the major part of tourist agencies but still stoping by the important sights. 

Thats why the design is different. Apart from many other tour agencies, Czech Tourist Guide doesn't want to lure on flashy, rough colours or overload of information. It is the art of simplicity, yet efficiency.

No aggressive saturated colours. Two colour design provides better readability and clarity, so readers can focus on the important content.

The flyer appears in several apartments around Prague. It is important to grab attention and briefly inform potential customers. Thats why simple icons are important, including just the main information and custom QR code as well, referring to the web site.

As to remain in the clean simple design, the "tour" page is separated into two blocks. The most important information is placed clearly in a coloured frame, to grab immediate attention.