Acta Inktrap

Free font
Latest version: BETA v0.001

Year: 2022
Designer: Kristián Toman

︎ Personal and commercial use
︎ Modifiable
︎ Distributable 



Acta Inktrap is a sans-serif typeface, designed by Kristián Toman for Happy Creatives|Type foundry. The typeface is inspired by Helvetica, which has made a strong influence on the basic forms of the characters.
The ink traps disturb the cleanness of the shapes, adding an irregularity which creates a unique geometry. Rather than traditional ink trap typefaces, designed primarily to be printed in small sizes (to compensate the ink spill outwards, which ruins the sharp edge of a letter), Acta Inktrap's feature is an exaggeration of the gaps in the edges, which makes the ink traps distinguishable even in small sizes.


What are the plans with this font (why is there just one weight)? Believe it or not, this is my first font ever finished and published. The most complex project I have ever started, which I was determined to finalise. It doesn't end with regular - my goal is to make a SUPERFAMILY.
That means there will (hopefully) be all sorts of weights and styles like narrow italic, extended black, back slant etc. And possibly also, variable. 

I am now desperately looking for some feedback to fine tune all the details while the font is in BETA testing. And in the following months, there will be more and more weights and styles, until the family is complete! Thanks for support︎

Happy Creatives|Type Foundry